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Proven Logistics Services with EuroSDB

Euro SDB stands as a trusted logistics company, offering an extensive array of services designed to fulfil the transportation and storage requirements of our customers. Our expertise lies in the seamless transportation of goods, guided by the unwavering dedication of our team to ensure reliability and accuracy in every delivery.

Moreover, we specialise in the efficient delivery of palletised goods, presenting a cost-effective solution for customers seeking to streamline their product distribution. For businesses seeking secure and state-of-the-art storage options, our warehousing solutions are second to none. Our modern facility is equipped with advanced inventory management systems to safeguard your inventory.

General Haulage

Reliable and efficient deliveries across the UK. Experienced transport planners for transportation of customer goods.

Palletised Distribution

Wide range of palletised freight options for the UK and Europe through the UPN Pallet Network. Full transparency and traceability.


Fully equipped transit warehouse with various warehousing solutions: re-packaging, labelling, picking, despatch and container handling.


We have multiple sites across all of England and Scotland serving the UK and beyond.


EFS Global can arrange the shipping and customs, storage and delivery of your goods by Sea, Air, Land and Rail - across the world.


Personal service with a global reach. At EFS Global we understand that each customer's requirements are unique.

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